The Season of Giving

Christmas is a time when we can get really caught up in all of the materialistic things. Worrying about our children having all of the cool new things that they want and going way overboard.

I decided that even though Noah is too young to know what's going on or to even remember this Christmas that I wanted Jake and I to really set the tone for what Christmas will be like each year. I am sure that we will continue to adjust as years go by but I want to make sure that Noah knows the real reason for the season and that he doesn't need dozens of gifts to be happy. 

I also decided that each year Noah is going to learn to give at Christmas time. I plan on each year, based on the number of gifts he gets at Christmas he will choose that many to donate to children that need them more than him. 

We have already collected several toys that we plan to take and donate this week. He seems pretty happy about it. :) 


Do you have any Christmas traditions of giving? xoxo, Britt + Noah

DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts

We love giving gifts! We especially love making gifts for people. And of course we couldn't forget about our neighbors!

After making a batch of puppy chow, collecting some containers from around the house, and getting out the hot cocoa ingredients, we were ready to get started. 

We had a lot of fun deciding what each neighbor would get and putting the gifts together. We especially like our little reindeer treat bag we put together for the little boy across the street! We printed out a few labels (you can download a few of them here)  and got them all ready! We can't wait to deliver them! 

DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)
DIY Neighbor Christmas Gifts (click through for details)

Have fun making your own DIY gifts! Yay for Christmas week! xoxo, Britt + Sky

Printable Christmas Gift Coupons

So there are 3 days left until Christmas and you forgot to get someone on your list a gift. Don't fret! We have a perfect solution for your problem :) Download, print, and fill in! Its so simple, but so cute!! 


Hope you have fun printing and using your coupons! Happy Monday y'all! xoxo, Britt + Sky

Christmas Cracker Treats

Today we have a wonderful, yummy treat you can make for this Christmas! These cracker treats are a delicious mix of salty and sweet. You can use caramel or peanut butter as a filling and white chocolate or milk chocolate as the outside coat.

Christmas Cracker Treats. Click for recipe

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • 24 Ritz crackers
  • 6 tbs of peanut butter OR 6 Werther's Original chewy caramels
  • 2-3 cups of white chocolate OR milk chocolate
  • Christmas sprinkles
  • Wax paper


Peanut butter

If you are using peanut butter as your filling all you need to do is spread 1/2 tbs of peanut butter on a cracker. And then place the second cracker on top to make a peanut butter sandwich. If there is much peanut butter coming out the sides, try and wipe off as much as you can. Repeat this for all 12 cracker pairs, you should have 12 cracker sandwiches at the end.

Christmas Cracker Treats. Click for recipe


If you want to use the caramel filling, first cut all of your chewy caramels into halves. Place one half onto a crackers, you should use 12 crackers. Place these 12 crackers onto a baking trey and bake for 3-5 minutes at 350 degrees. Watch really carefully while these are baking, you just want to leave them in long enough to melt the caramels but the crackers can burn easily. After the caramels are melted remove them from the oven. Immediately, and carefully, add the top cracker on top of the caramels. Let cool for a few minutes before removing from the pan.

Christmas Cracker Treats. Click for recipe

Chocolate Dipping

Once you have your filling done (either caramel or peanut butter or both!) it's time to dip these cracker sandwiches into the chocolate. Melt your chocolate (white or milk chocolate or even both) in a pot on the stove. Start at a medium heat, once the chocolate has melted put it on the lowest heat option. Dip your cracker sandwiches half way into the chocolate. Let the excess chocolate fall back into the pan and then lay the cracker sandwich onto wax paper. Immediately add sprinkles. Repeat this for all of your cracker sandwiches. After they are all finished allow them to dry completely before eating or storing! Make sure to store them in a sealed container to keep them fresh.

Christmas Cracker Treats. Click for recipe
Christmas Cracker Treats. Click for recipe

Making these yummy cracker treats was a little messy, but well worth it! :) They are very good, but don't take our word for it. Try them for yourselves. You can make them for your Christmas party or for a gift for a friend. Or you can even just make them for yourself!


Britt + Sky

Simple Personalized Gifts

Christmas is in less than two weeks! And we are sure many of you have not finished shopping yet. But don't worry! It's not too late. Today we have some quick and simple diy gifts that are super cute. Homemade gifts are great for anyone you need a gift for and can be personalized for any type of person.


Monogrammed Planter

What you will need:

  • planter
  • orange acrylic paint
  • clear coat spray
  • plant
  • sharpie
  1. Print and cut out a letter. You can use either the persons first initial or last initial.
  2. Trace the letter on the planter with sharpie.
  3. Paint in the letter with the color of your choice.
  4. Outline your letter with black paint. Allow it to dry fully.
  5. Spray two coats of clear coat spray on the planter to seal it.
  6. Add your plant to the pot and give as a gift!
Diy Personalized Gifts. Click through for more.

We really love how our planter turned out. The color of our 'M' and the plant look together. This planter was very inexpensive and simple to make. 

Diy Personalized Gifts. Click through for more.

Painted Candle Jar

What you will need:

  • small jar (we found ours at a thrift store for 25cents!)
  • red Martha Stewart glass paint
  • sticker paper
  • pebbles
  • small candle
  1. Print a Christmas Tree onto your sticker paper (other shapes can be used also) and cut it out.
  2. Stick the tree 'sticker' evenly on your jar.
  3. Paint the rest of your jar red.
  4. Allow to fully dry. (At least one hour)
  5. Bake on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Allow to cool at least 15 minutes.
  6. Add pebbles and your candle. 
  7. Wrap up and give to a loved one!
Diy Personalized Gifts. Click through for more.

This is also a very simple but cute present that almost anyone would love to receive. And you could personalize it in anyway you can think of: family initials, special dates, fun shapes, or anything you could print out or draw! 

Diy Personalized Gifts. Click through for more.

Personalized Mug

What you will need:

  • white coffee cup
  • red Martha Stewart glass paint
  • marshmallows
  • hot chocolate packs
  • sticker paper
  1. Print out a letter on the sticker paper. Cut out the letter.
  2. Place the letter center on one side of the coffee cup.
  3. Paint over the letter sticker, like shown in the picture.
  4. Let the paint dry for at least one hour.
  5. Bake on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Let cool for at least 15 minutes before picking up.
  6. Add marshmallows and hot chocolate packs to the cup for a perfect gift!
Diy Personalized Gifts. Click through for more.

This makes for the perfect present. Everyone loves a personalized gift and hot chocolate! Now you can get two-in-one! It's a yummy and cute gift.

Diy Personalized Gifts. Click through for more.

With the short days left before Christmas these gifts are a great idea to make for the people left on your list. Store bought gifts can be nice, but with hand made gifts you can insure no one else will get them the same gift! These gifts are simple, inexpensive, and adorable. We suggest you try these for some of your presents this year.

Our Birthday Board we made awhile back is also a cute, personalized handmade gift that is perfect for someone in your family.

And keep watching this week for many more simple gifts to make for this Christmas!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Britt + Sky

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