The Season of Giving

Christmas is a time when we can get really caught up in all of the materialistic things. Worrying about our children having all of the cool new things that they want and going way overboard.

I decided that even though Noah is too young to know what's going on or to even remember this Christmas that I wanted Jake and I to really set the tone for what Christmas will be like each year. I am sure that we will continue to adjust as years go by but I want to make sure that Noah knows the real reason for the season and that he doesn't need dozens of gifts to be happy. 

I also decided that each year Noah is going to learn to give at Christmas time. I plan on each year, based on the number of gifts he gets at Christmas he will choose that many to donate to children that need them more than him. 

We have already collected several toys that we plan to take and donate this week. He seems pretty happy about it. :) 


Do you have any Christmas traditions of giving? xoxo, Britt + Noah