Clock DIY - IKEA Hack

I have been wanting to share my new gallery wall for a while now. But there was something missing. And I finally got it finished. I really wanted to find a cute clock to complete my wall. 


Being the bargain hunter that I am. I decided to go with this $1.99 clock from IKEA.


I knew that it was going to need some work to be ready for my wall, but I was up for the challenge.
Here is what you need to complete the clock:

- clock
- spray paint
- card stock or chipboard
- glue


Here's what I did:

1. I took the plastic cover off the front of the clock and taped off the hands.

2. Then Jake spray painted the entire thing white for me.

3. Using the plastic cover, I traced a circle on chipboard.


4. Next I cut the circle in half and made a small notch for the hands with a hole punch.

5. Lastly I taped the chipboard evenly in the clock.

I like the fact that it is super clean and simple. And a fun part is that you can customize this with any color to fit your room. You can also add numbers or ticks if that would help you know what time it is. :) To accomplish the look that I was aiming for I decided to leave the numbers off.

Happy Thursday lovelies! xo, Britt