Recycle: DIY Organizer

I have been all about recycling lately! I have been trying my best to recycle all that I can instead of just throwing everything away. So I thought why not come up with some fun ways to reuse things. 

Take an egg carton for example. It is a super fun container that after the eggs are gone, its job is over. But it's very simple to turn it into a super fun organizer. Why go buy something to organize your odds and ends when you could repurpose something.

Get organized with this simple diy.

Cut the top off of the egg carton and add some paint. I used spray paint and it took me only a couple minutes. After the paint dries, use it to organize any little things you want. It will go down into a draw very easily. Or you can have it out to display. It is a super easy and super affordable way to organize. 

Get organized with this simple diy.

What will you organize in yours? xo Britt