New Mommy Files: Bathtime Fun

If there is anything I have learned since becoming a mom is that motherhood is all about trial + error. So I plan on doing posts every once in a while to share my experiences + the things that I have figured out that work for us.

Noah’s bath time is my absolute favorite! I think that Noah loves it too, but Jake (my husband) claims that I might actually like it more than Noah. Granted there are some nights that I feel way too tired to do it + then I feel way guilty because I am too tired … it’s a vicious circle.  Anyway … bath time is our time to play, listen to music + sing, + just hang out. If you follow our Instagram you probably see me posting way too many bath time photos of Noah :) + you probably know that it is usually a whole family event. We may or may not even have a bath time selfie that included Noah, me, Jake, aunt Skylar, + Bentley (our black lab).

It didn’t start out as my favorite time though. It took a lot of trial + error on my part, plus as Noah has gotten older it has become a little easier. We went through three different bathtubs + Noah screaming his head off before we mastered bathing him in the sink, which we did until he was about six months old.


As soon as Noah could sit up I decided to try the whole laundry basket in the tub trick that you see all over Pinterest. Because though Noah could “sit up” he was the wobbliest little thing. And I didn’t trust him or myself to let him sit just freely in the bathtub.  The first time I tried a basket that we just already had at the house. It was a little taller than the tub so that was annoying because it hurt my arms to stay reaching over it and playing. So that basket was retired :)

I decided that maybe Noah would like it if I had a short little basket that would give him support but also give him a lot of freedom. HE HATED IT!! It took me back to the screaming in the sink days! Lets just say we only used it one time and that was the absolute fastest bath that Noah has ever taken!

Then IKEA opened up by us (cue angelic music). On one of my first visits, I spotted a medium sized laundry basket (here) + decided that it was the ONE.  Haha! Random I know. BUT that night, I tried it + we had the best bath time ever! Noah actually played and was comfortable enough to move a little more and splash around. Nothing crazy but it was so fun + I was so happy. The basket was about the same height as the edge of the tub, which made it easy for me to lean over the edge of the tub. Plus it was just the right width that Noah could sit with his back to one side and his chunky little feet touched the other.


Now that Noah is a sitting pro, we have ditched the basket and he just sits in the tub. But I would like to share our favorite things that make our bath times a success:


1. PATRULL Bathtub mat, crocodile green: IKEA (here)
I have this in the bottom of the tub to make it a less slippery surface for Noah to sit on. 


2. Bathtub kneeler, blue polka dot: Dollar Tree
This is a life saver. It totally saves my knees and it was only $1.


3. JOHNSON'S Baby bedtime bath: Drugstore 
Noah takes his baths at night and we love using this stuff for bubble bath. 


Here is my little setup for drying toys. The baskets and suction cups were bought at the Dollar Tree. The total cost was $4 and it works perfect for our current needs.


And then here is one more Noah bath time photos ... I couldn't resist. :)


Hope my bath time insight helps you on your mommy adventures or just entertains you :) If you want to get baby bath time spam photos be sure to follow us on Instagram ... ha! Happy Thursday!!