We're Ready for IKEA!

So in the past, we have planned roadtrips based on the location of our closest IKEA. A prime example: In January we decided to take a roadtrip to get all of Noah's nursery furniture. Our plan was to, in one weekend, drive up to Minneapolis and make our purchase. It was going to be a fun 7 or so hour drive, one way. The Friday that we were leaving a huge ice storm hit and there was no way that we could, or would want to risk, driving through. So we were super bummed and we were trying to figure out what we were going to do. There were a few of the things that I could order online, but all in all we were just so disappointed. That same night we decided that we would still go, but go to Texas instead. So we all jumped in the car at like 11:00pm, and drove over 9 hours. We got to go somewhere warm, which in January is amazing! And we got everything that we wanted to for Noah.

So needless to say, we may or may not have a unhealthy love for IKEA. With one opening in Merriam, Kansas right around the corner. (NEXT WEEK!!) We thought that we'd share a few of our current favorites that IKEA has right now. In all honesty we could spend literally all of our money there, but we are going to try and be good. :)

My Only Sunshine || Fall 2014 IKEA Favorites

1. IKEA PS 2014 Hat and coat stand, green $29.99; 2. IKEA PS 2014 Plant stand, white $19.99; 3. EXPEDIT Shelving unit, white $99.00; 4. IKEA PS 2014 Storage table, white $69.00 ; 5. FJÄDERMOLN Cushion, light blue $5.99; 6. KVISSLE Cable management box, cork, white $9.99;

We will definitely share what we buy, as soon as we can get through the crazy crowds to get there next week. :) Let us know what your favorites are.

Britt & Sky