DIY Reusable Shopping Bags

I have found myself doing a lot of my grocery shopping at Aldi lately. Which as you probably know means bringing my own bags. Unless I want to buy some or collect boxes. I was collecting boxes every trip, but then got really tired of having to deal with them when I got home.

So I found a few canvas bags that I thought would be perfect for my weekly trips and decided to make them a little more fun. To spice up my grocery trips a little. Hahaha! 

It's super simple and super fun.

diy reusable shopping bags

You need:

  • canvas bags
  • iron on letters
  • scissors
  • iron
DIY Reusable Shopping Bags | my only sunshine

All you need to do is cut out your letters and iron them on (do so according to the directions provided).

DIY Reusable Shopping Bags | my only sunshine

Even Noah digs our new grocery bags 😂  


Happy Monday lovelies! xo, Britt