As each passing year nears the end I start realizing how I haven't stuck with any of my resolutions and how much I have failed myself during the year. It is really depressing to think about actually. My resolutions usually are a list of things that I want to fix about myself. Most of which have been the same things from year to year. Work out. Eat healthier. Get more organized. Blah. Blah. Blah.

This year was different. Something about being a momma of two changed my perspective immensely. This year I am not making a resolution. Not one. I am however making one goal for myself. This will be the year that I cut myself some slack. The year that I am not so hard on myself.

I am a planner. I am a perfectionist. I set very high standards for myself and I don't do well with failure. I have found that I can sometimes almost cripple myself out of just the mere thought of failure. There are so many things that I have wanted to do for so long that I never even started because it may not turn out perfect. And I am tired of being stuck and scared.

Since becoming a mom, especially of two under two, I know that life is messy. Things don't always turn out how you expect them to. Basically never actually. And as I have learned to accept that for others, I have realized that I need to accept that for myself. This year may not turn out how I plan or how I expect, but that's ok.

I want to look back on my year next January and be proud of myself for the risks that I took and the mistakes that I made. Knowing that I was finally brave enough to let myself take the chances to be the best me possible.

Are you with me? What will be your anti-resolution?

xo, Britt