What's In the Bag?

When I hit 30 weeks it really set in that I was getting really close to the point when I had Noah. Little Noah's birth was a early surprise for everyone, I hadn't even packed a bag yet. I literally had nothing. I hadn't even had time to really think about it. So I decided to go all out on my bag this time :) 

First there is the bag: I really wanted to get a cute bag to have my stuff in, but I also wanted a bag that I could keep using for Noah and Sophie's stuff after we get out of the hospital. I bought this one at Target. I got lucky because I happened to catch it on sale at the store. 


For me:
-Normal toiletries
-Hair tie
-Face wipes
-Lip Balm
-Going home outfit
-Plus a few other random items


For Sophie:
-Swaddle blanket
-Going home outfit (gown + headband)
-Binki (here)
-Extra outfit
-Nail clippers


When I had Noah the situation was very unique so my hospital was much different than the "normal" stay. So this time around I am sure there are things that I have that I don't really need (but will be nice to have for just in case) and there are probably plenty of things that I will need that I don't have. But I am excited to have at least something to start with. :) And don't worry, I have something for Noah, daddy, and aunt Skylar that I will share later. Can't leave them out. xo, Britt