Semi-Homemade Sprinkled Donuts

I LOVE donuts, I mean who doesn't? Well when planning Britts baby sprinkle I looked on Pinterest, other blogs, and websites for ideas. A lot of them had a few of the same ideas. My favorite was the sprinkled donuts. (Of course) so I knew that was one thing I had to do.  

Our family has always made semi-homemade donuts using biscuits and sugar. So I decided to go that route. And if you want to make some here's what you'll need.  

-canned biscuits (2 or more cans depending on what you're needing) 

-a tub of icing (we used white) 


-vegetable oil


1. You take out the biscuits from the can and punch a hole out in the middle of each on. A bottle cap works great for this step. 

2. Heat your oil in a frying pan to medium heat. 

3. Then fry your donuts (and donut holes) to golden brown. 

4. When they are done lay them on a plate that has a paper towel over it to soak up the dripping oil. 

5. Next, heat your icing (In the microwave) so it's a little runny. Start out on 15-20 seconds. But don't heat too long or it can make it taste funny. 

6. Then drizzle the icing over the donuts and sprinkle on as many sprinkles as you want! 



When my icing completely dried I put them in small treat bags. I added a "thank you" note and set them out for guests to take as they left. 



If you wanna make the sugar version of these donuts, start out the same way. After you fry them let them cool on the plate for just a few seconds and then throw them into a bag of sugar. Shake the donut around in the bag until it is lightly covered in sugar. Then set it on a plate. And repeat that until you have all the biscuits made. It's simple, yummy, and you should try it! xo, Sky