Gallery Wall Pom-Pom Decor

On our gallery wall we have an open frame that we change out through different holidays, parties, and seasons. For Easter we knew we needed something bright and fun. So we cam up with this pom-pom decor that is simple, but looks good on the gallery wall.

All we used was:

  • string (any bright color, but mixed colors looks the best)
  • tape
  • frame
  • scissors
  1. Head on over to our Diy Pom Poms and learn how to make the pom poms. Complete three pom-poms that are the same size. (Leave the piece of the yarn you tied your pom-pom together with long so you have something to attach it to the frame with.)
  2. Then cut the pieces of string different lengths so they are not all the same and tape it to the back of your picture frame. 
Gallery Wall Pom-Pom Decor. Click through for more.

That was pretty painless right? It is super simple, but it's not your typical Easter decoration. And we like decorations that aren't like the rest. It also goes well with the rest of our decorations we have for Easter! Come back tomorrow to see more. :) xoxo, Britt + Sky

Gallery Wall Pom-Pom Decor. Click through for more.