Naked Birthday Cakes + DIY Toppers

My basic goals in mind for Noah's birthday cakes were cute and simple. I managed to pull that off for his single cake and the guest cake.  

Naked Birthday Cakes + DIY Toppers (click through for details)

The guest cake was so simple. I used two boxed cake mixes to bake 4 round cakes in 8x8 pans. Then I cut the tops off to make all of the layers flat. Using a spatula, I put a decent layer of icing in between the layers.  

For the topper, I purchased a set of cardboard letters at the craft store. I could have easily made the letters myself but chose to purchase them and put that time towards something else. I painted the letters gold and then using rubber cement, glued on the gold glitter. With kabob sticks pushed through the corrugated sections of the cardboard I stuck the letters on the cake. You may need to trim your kabob sticks depending on the height of your cake. 

Naked Birthday Cakes + DIY Toppers (click through for details)

For Noah's cake I actually used a large tomato juice can to bake it in. (Right after I cut myself on it while washing it of course) I had never done it before but I just greased the can really well and decided to go for it. 

I filled the can about half way with cake batter and placed it in the oven. I kept thinking I was going to burn it because it had to cook longer than normal. But it never did. I used a kabob stick to test it to see if it was done. Once it was done I let it cool in the can for a bit and then took it out of the can to finish cooling. 

After it had cooled, I cut of the top to make it even and then cut it into four layers. I then used a decent amount of icing in between the layers.  

For Noah's topper, I bought a number 1 candle at the dollar store. Using the same technique as the letters, I painted it gold and added our signature gold glitter. 

Naked Birthday Cakes + DIY Toppers (click through for details)

These cakes were both super simple but I really love the way they turned out! I hope you love them too!  xo, Britt