DIY Blog Tour

We were tagged last week by our friend Audrey from Oh So Lovely Blog to do this DIY tour. Head over to her blog to get some really fun printables and desktop backgrounds as well as inspiring DIY projects.

We have never done one of these before but we are so excited to share. Here we go :)


1. What are we working on? 

We always have a ton of stuff going on. Because we both contribute to the blog, we both work on things that reflect our personalities and our strengths.

1. We have been working really hard lately on Brittnee's birthday brunch. We stayed up until 2 am on Friday to make sure we got all of our fun projects for that done (see a sneak peek here). We had Brittnee's brunch on Saturday morning and now we are anxiously waiting to be able to show you!! All this week we will be showing tutorials for the food, decorations, and all of the fun stuff.

2. We also have opened our shop recently. We have been having so much fun coming up with fun t-shirt designs and other products to add. We will be unveiling a few more later this week so stay tuned.

3. For awhile now we have been working on projects for several rooms in the house. We are trying to put our finishing touches on them to be able to give you the full tour.


2. How does our work differ from others of its genre? 

There are so many great blogs out there that are similar to ours. We try to come up with things we have never seen before, but in reality there is truly nothing that is "original" anymore. Our goal is to come up with fun projects that we can put our own spin on and that really show off our personalities.


3. Why do we write/create what we do? 

We LOVE to make things!  We have so much fun coming up with fun projects that our readers can do.  And we like to inspire others to find their creative side. We are happy to be able to share all of our recipes, projects, and ideas with all of you.


4. How does our writing/creating process work? 

We start by having a night where we brainstorm all of our ideas for future projects or recipes. Then we go through and use our calendar to plan when we want to get therm done and when we want to post about them. One thing that we always try to do is utilize materials that we already have.

Most of our work takes place on the weekends and then during the week after Noah goes to bed. And we have found out that we are geniuses after midnight, ha! :)

We really try and split up all of the work. For the most part Sky comes up with the recipes and does a lot of our writing while Britt does most of the DIY projects. There are lots of projects that we do where we both work the same amount on them. But we try to let each of us do things that we are good at.

We chose to pass the tour on to our friend over at Blue 11 Interiors. Her blog is full of home decor ideas and fun DIY projects. Check out this super cute DIY wreath on her blog.