Thrifty: Suitcase Turned Card Holder

For today's Thrifty Thursday project, we turned a small, vintage cosmetic suitcase, that we got for only $2 at a thrift store, into a card organizer.

We love having a lot of cards on hand. You never know when the occasion will arise that you will need one. When you don't have time to make one, like here, it's nice to be able to just grab one, write your message, and send it to someone.

Thrifty Thursday - DIY Card Box || myonlysunshineblog


  • suitcase
  • measuring tape
  • cardstock
  • pencil & pen
  • scissors
  • straightedge

Note: We used a few old manilla folders that we had instead of cardstock.

Thrifty Thursday - DIY Card Box || myonlysunshineblog
  1. Measure the height and width of the inside of your container.
  2. Print this, trace and cut out as many as you need. The template is based off of our measurements, but you can easily adjust this according to your needs. If your size differs, use the template and a straightedge to make your own template.
  3. Once all of your dividers are cut, use a pen to label them.
    • We went through our cards and decided what different categories that we needed.
    • We just simply wrote the category of our sections on our dividers. If you want to get fancy, you can decorate with paint, stickers, washi tape, paper, or anything else that you would like. :)
  4. Place your dividers in the suitcase, and separate your cards into the necessary sections.
Thrifty Thursday - DIY Card Box || myonlysunshineblog
Thrifty Thursday - DIY Card Box || myonlysunshineblog

If you find a cosmetic suitcase like ours, you can take advantage of the tray that sits on top of the cards. We used ours to hold pencils, markers, washi tape, stickers, and even stamps. This allows you to have everything in one place when you need it.

Note: We use washi tape and stickers to seal our envelopes, but they can also be used to decorate the inside of your cards.

Thrifty Thursday - DIY Card Box || myonlysunshineblog

While you are thrift shopping, you can be on the lookout for any kind of container that will fit cards in it. This concept can be adapted to fit any size container.

If this project inspires you to make your own card organizer, take a photo and tag us on instagram or twitter. We'd love to see your projects! xoxo, Britt + Sky