Thrifty: Fashion Edition

So I am sure by know you are aware of our love for shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. We have found some of the coolest things while shopping at them. The great thing about thrifty shopping is that you can find awesome things without spending a fortune. Today's addition of Thrifty Thursday includes cute clothes we have found for just a few dollars!


First up we have a cute Peter Pan Collar dress. Typically these dresses retail for around $35, it felt like we were stealing this one by paying  just $2!


Next, we have a royal blue top with lace shoulders. This shirt can be used as casual or paired with a nice necklace for a classier look. A top like this would normally retail for around $30, but we picked this one up for just $1.

Thrifty Thursday - Fashion Finds - Myonlysunshineblog
Thrifty Thursday - Fashion Finds - Myonlysunshineblog

This black sundress is great for a day of shopping or even a night out. Sundresses normally sell for about $35, we found this cute one for just $2 at a garage sale.

Thrifty Thursday - Fashion Finds - Myonlysunshineblog

Here we have a Peter Pan Collar tank, similar to the first dress. This tank can be paired with a cute pair of dress pants to give off a more professional vibe. This type of tank can be bought at most stores for around $35, we found this at a garage sale for only $1!!


Last we have a simple, red and black dress. This sort of dress can be found for up to $25, but once again we got a great deal and only paid $3 (and it was brand new with tags!)

Thrifty Thursday - Fashion Finds - Myonlysunshineblog

You can find great deals at the thrift store or even a garage sale. Before you shut out the idea of going to a thrift store, try it! Go to a couple (because not all thrift stores are good) and see what you can come up with! Thrift shopping can help you find things that no one else has and save money. Not all clothes you find at a thrift store are going to be perfect or your style, but before leaving the store empty handed think of the potential some clothes have. Even if you find something that you only kind of like, you can always add to it or change it up a bit to fit your personal style. With thrift shopping the things you can create are endless and its not a huge investment so you can feel better about trying different things! We always find awesome things we never imagined we could use. That's the great thing about thrift shopping, you never know what great treasures you will find.

When you go, take photos and tag us on instagram! We'd love to see what you find! Happy Thrifting! xoxo, Britt + Sky