DIY Fall Centerpiece

Our entire plan for all of our fall decorations has been to come up with ideas that are inexpensive and simple, but are super cute and have a lot of impact.

DIY Fall Centerpiece (click through for details)

We think our DIY fall centerpiece fits in very well. Costing us right at $8 for the entire thing (pretty awesome, huh? The dollar store has definitely been our friend so far this fall. They have had several awesome fall options for us to use that obviously are only $1 and have been so cute!!)

DIY Fall Centerpiece (click through for details)

Here is what you need:

  • fake pumpkins (from the dollar tree)
  • fake leaves (from the dollar tree)
  • spray paint
  • paint
  • paint brush

Here is what we did:

  1. We spray painted all of the pumpkins white.
  2. We laid out all of the leaves that we wanted to use.
  3. Next we painted the leaves with gold paint.

Putting it together:

  1. After all of the paint dried, we randomly laid down all of our leaves. It’s very hard to be random on purpose, so we try to just sort of drop them and leave them. We do adjust some of them to make sure that we like it. :)
  2. Then we evenly placed our pumpkins across the leaves. (we tried 3 and 5 but it just depends how long your table is)
DIY Fall Centerpiece (click through for details)
DIY Fall Centerpiece (click through for details)

Yay!!! We now have a super cute (and cheap) table runner for fall!

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Britt + Sky