Friday Fun 8.28

Well, it's Friday again (yay!). As you've probably notice that mostly Brittnee has been posting lately. Part of the reason is because I have had a crafting mind block lately and the other half is because I have recently started my fall semester of school. I've been a little bit in over my head with everything I have going on and luckily Brittnee's creative juices have been rapidly flowing so she has been taking on a lot until I can get back into the swing of things. 

So as an update for myself:

1. I've started my fall semester of school (like I mentioned).

2. After this semester I will have an associates degree. (Yaaaay!) 

3. I watch Noah in the morning/afternoons on days I don't have class.

4. I also watch a few kids in between classes on Thursday.

5. I recently got my self a new job!

So if you couldn't tell I've been a little busy lately and thank goodness Brittnee has been here to help me out when I need it!  

But other then that, I've been patiently waiting for Sophie to get here. We all are so excited to meet her!  It seems like it's taking FOREVER . (but that could be since Noah made a VERY early appearance, haha!) 

In blog "news", Brittnee has got a lot of adorable things in the works that you all are going to want to see! And as for me, I've been generating some ideas and hope to show you some of them next week! 

Have a great weekend y'all! And until next time, enjoy these adorable pictures!! 


xo, Sky