DIY Paint Dipped Art

I had seen cool "Paint Dipped Art" on Pinterest before and I wanted to try it out because I loved how it looked. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it is where people take art they find at the thrift store and paint it to look like it has been dipped in paint. (If I just confused you even more click here or here for examples) I love the way it looks. But there has been some controversy over the idea of covering up someone else's artwork with paint. So to keep everyone happy I decided I would just cover my own art work. 

I used a canvas to make my dipped artwork. First I painted the canvas a cream color. Then I used a pencil to draw out my art, a sugar skull. After my drawing was complete I taped the part of the drawing I wanted to show, than painted the rest a teal color (which is the "dipped" portion of my piece). After it dried I removed the tape and placed a piece of tape on the edge of the teal ( near where my drawing would be) so I didn't get any black in my "dipped" area. Then I just outlined the rest of my drawing that was still showing with black paint. And this is the result..

Paint Dipped Art. Click through for more.

I love the paint dipped look and how my piece turned out. And I did it all without covering up someone else's work. :) xo, Sky