DIY Moon Phases Print

Moon Day is July 20 and it celebrates man landing on the moon. In celebration of moon day, we decided to do a fun moon phase print. There are so many ways to make stamps and so many things to make them out of, but we decided to give potatoes a try :)

Make your own moon phases print.

Here's what we used:

  • cardstock
  • paint
  • knife
  • potato

Here's what we did:
For our print, we started in the middle. We trimmed the end off of the potato and made the full moon stamp in the middle. From there we cut a sliver of the circle off and stamped that to represent the waxing and waning gibbous. Then we cut even more, basically making the end of the potato a half circle to represent the first and last quarters.

After stamping that, cut the potato one more time leaving a sliver to represent the waxing and waning crescent. We stamped those on each side and we were done. We thought about labeling each phase, but we enjoyed the simplicity of just the stamped look.

Make your own moon phases print.

This project is so fun and simple. And its a really fun project for the kiddos to take part in. You cut the potato and hand it over and they can just stamp away :)

We hope you have fun making moon prints too! xo, Britt + Sky