Nice to meet you!

Hey ya’ll!

Welcome to My Only Sunshine Blog. We are Brittnee Waters and Skylar Nichols. We’ve been sisters and best friends since 1995. Together we have done many things. Together we have created many memories and would like to share part of our life with you.

My Only Sunshine Blog is filled with lots of DIY’s, recipes, tips, tricks, fun adventures, thrift store trips, and other things that brighten our day. We hope we can pass a little bit of our sunshine on to you.

Brittnee is a graphic designer, wife, and best of all a mother. She enjoys spending time with Noah, crafting, and Pinteresting. (Is that even a word? :) It is now)

Skylar is a student, live-in nanny, and a turtle momma. She enjoys baking, watching Noah, and raising baby Roscoe.

We are really excited to share our experiences with you. Please come back and see us!

xo, Britt + Sky

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