New Years Eve Prep

We always enjoy bringing in the New Year. Unlike most people we celebrate with our grandparents in a pretty low key manner. We have some yummy food, a little confetti, and a lot of fun board games. 

This year we decided to start a new tradition. Instead of making our confetti out of perfectly good paper (or buying it)  we decided to use recycled paper. Over the past couple months we have been saving newspaper, written on paper, and print paper that had already served its purpose. As this this will be Noah's first New Years Eve, we thought we would start it by showing him how to bring in the new year in a fun but less wasteful way. 


Even if you haven't been saving paper we're sure you can go around and collect used paper to make your confetti this year. If you have kids old enough, letting them help cut the confetti is also a fun activity for your family. And after New Years Eve you can sweep up the confetti and take it to be recycled with the rest of your paper!  Try it and start this new year off a little greener!



Britt + Sky