93 Years Old? Geez Louise!

Yesterday was our great grandma's 93rd birthday! We were so happy we could celebrate with her. Great grandma Mann's, or as we call her Grandma Downstairs (that's a story for another day), loves spending time with the family. It's fun to sit around and listen to her silly stories and thoughts. At 93 years old she still has a sense of humor that keeps us laughing!


At 93 years old there isn't really anything you need to get for your birthday simply because you have it all! Normally we just buy her gift cards or give her money because she loves to shop. This year we decided to do something else. Grandma also LOVES sweatshirts, its basically all she wears. So since we just put out a 'Geez Louise' shirt on the shop and since her name is Louise (& she was the inspiration for the shirt) we decided to make a sweatshirt for her that was similar to our kids tee! Of course she loved it because it was a sweatshirt and it had her name!


All in all it was a successful birthday! We all shared lots of laughs, crazy stories, and, of course, cake. Don't forget to check out all of our shirts and other accessories in our shop, and keep an eye out for new products coming your way soon.


Happy Friday!


Britt & Sky