Free 2019 Printable Calendars

Hi friends.

I know it has been a while, but I am popping in to share 2 free printable calendars with you.

Every year around this time I am looking for a new calendar to print and use to write down my goals and plans for the new year. This year I decided that I was finally going to make my own to use and share.

I have two different designs to choose between. One version is super simple and clean and the other is a little more fun. They are designed to be printed on letter paper, so should be easy for you to print at home.

Click the links below to download and print your calendars.

xo Britt

Don't Be Afraid of Silly Ideas + Free Printable

I have a problem. I have like a million ideas floating around in my brain. Like literally a million. I have plans for my blog, my business, my family, but I also have a ton of self doubt. I am the worst at thinking everything I want to do is silly or can't be done. 

I have been doing quite a bit of self-evaluation lately and it's still surprising to me to see how often I am the main person/thing holding me back. That's a hard thing to realize. Especially when you are feeling like you are working so desperately hard and and feeling like you are going nowhere. And then you see that you are the reason. Yeah it sucks. 

But instead of sitting and having a little pity party for myself, I have decided I need to let myself go. There are no silly ideas. I need to push myself to get out of this self-doubt rut and just go for it. Yes a plan may fail. An idea may not turn out how I thought. BUT that is ok. Because if we don't try we will never know what we could have done. 

How many times do you do this to yourself? I mean I can't be the only one, right? I made this printable for myself and I want to share it. Download it, print it, and keep it somewhere to remind you not to be afraid. Try those ideas even when you think they are silly. You may really surprise yourself. xo, Britt

Don't Be Afraid of Silly Ideas Free Printable | My Only Sunshine

Pep Talks + Printables

I've been really struggling lately. Like for the last several weeks. Not because of one particular thing. Just lots of things. It's hard when you say you want to "spread your sunshine" to show any emotion other than happiness. And that is hard. To seem happy all the time. 

I had a different post planned for today, but I changed my mind last night. I decided that I chose to blog for a reason. I do want to spread my sunshine. And I realized that it doesn't mean that I have to have it all together all the time or be happy all the time. It means that I try my best to make you feel good. To make you feel like you aren't alone. To be sure if you feel like you're a mess, I let you know that you're a hot mess. 

After the kids went to bed last night, I got to work. I chose three things that I thought someone may need to hear and I gave hand lettering a college try. And what I have for you today are some pep talk printables. There are three designs to choose from as a card or a print. Note: prints are all 8 in x 10 in + these cards fit perfectly in an A2 envelope.

you are great: card + print | you got this: card + print | hot mama: card + print

you are great | printable pep talk card + print
you got this | printable pep talk card + print
hot mama | printable pep talk card + print

What I want you to do is download them, print them, and give them to someone. Anyone really. Someone that you think needs a little boost. Someone that you just want to know that you think they are awesome and doing a great job. Maybe that's your mom. Maybe that's your best friend. Or your hairdresser. Or your neighbor.

Go ahead. Help me spread a little sunshine! xo Britt